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dulles's relationship with his father? >> actually i found out , something about that that i don't think has ever been published, buried in oral history in the princeton dulles archives. in that oral history, it is an interview with one of the law partners at sullivan cromwell. he says one day, foster dulles called me frantically and said, this is the worst day of my life. you have got to come in right now to my office. i went to his office. i saw him very upset. he handed me a letter and asked me to read it. the letter was to his son, avery, who had decided to become a catholic. for someone like john foster dulles, it would have been better if his son had become a hindu. a catholic was absolutely intolerable. in this letter, foster dulles writes to his son, never speak to me again, never call me again, you are not my son. i have nothing to do with you. his partner recalls -- he said, i spent four hours with dulles that afternoon and finally persuaded him not to send the letter. nonetheless, their relationship was quite strained until late in life. i don't think that foster dulles could
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)

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